Byte vs Candid: Treatment and Costs Compared

A prize-winning and photogenic smile is excellent, but what adult or teen, for that matter, wants to go through the hassle of painful braces? Braces are not only unsightly but can be quite uncomfortable and cost a fortune.

Thankful several at-home options are making the “brace-face” a thing of the past. With these simple, at-home aligners, making your teeth look great from the comfort of your own home is possible. The best part is that they don’t require office visits, braces, or wires.

Needless to say, these revolutionary aligners have become a viable alternative for braces. They are much cheaper than traditional braces and even newer options like Smile Direct Club or Byte. They are also less painful and can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

Several popular at-home aligner companies make great aligner products. We will be looking at two of the top competitors, byte, and Candid for this review. We will discuss everything you need to know about these two products to make an informed decision and get the best smile for your cash.

How Do Candid and byte Compare?

Many people are wondering: How does byte or Candid work? For this review’s purpose, we will pit the two companies side-by-side so you can quickly see how they compare in different areas. Clearly, both companies have great products that will help you gain a fantastic smile without ever stepping foot in a dentist’s office. Still, we will also look at which company is best overall.

Let’s see how they compare:

1)Both Offer Flexible Financing: Candid and byte are both comparatively affordable, especially if you are considering traditional braces and Invisalign. However, byte seems to come on top in this category with a base price of only $1895 compared to Candid’s $1900. For byte, the down payment is $249, while Candid is $399. Both companies offer financing options, which will range between $83 to $99 per month for around 25 months.

2) Discreet Aligners: Both companies offer discreet aligners that will make casual observers think you are sporting your natural teeth. This category is a draw, as both companies offer high-quality and discreet aligner options. However, byte takes this one due to their inclusion of the HyperByte device, which is used to shift teeth more quickly using high frequencies. The byte reviews that have before and after results tend to favor byte due to the HyperByte device.

3) Saftey: Some users are a bit taken aback at the thought of home dentistry and might not trust the process. However, both Candid and byte use highly professional and certified orthodontists to put together their patients’ custom alignment plans. Through the wonders of technology and teledentistry, the process is completely safe and proven to be effective. The dental impressions are easy to take and can be completed by practically anyone. Again, a draw.

4) Insurance Plans: While both companies accept both HSA and FSA accounts, byte takes the upper hand in this category. Both byte and Candid will gladly accept these plans; however, many potential customers might not know if they are covered or not. If that is the case for you, then fear not. Byte has a dedicated insurance approval team to take care of the legwork for you. All you need to do is give them your insurance info, and they will tell you if you are approved or not.

5) Qualified Orthodontists: Both companies only work with the highest quality and trusted orthodontists to create your custom treatment plan. This means that whatever company you choose, you will be treated by some of the best professionals in the smile business. Other companies tend to have a mixture of orthodontists and dentists. Still, both byte and Candid have an “orthodondists only network.” Both companies draw.

6) Trustworthy Customer Support: Byte has a slight edge when it comes to customer support. While both companies have excellent customer support teams with prompt responses, byte has a team that is also available to Facetime with their customers and instructs them if they have issues with their products. In-home dental and virtual customer support, byte has the upper hand.

Refund Policies

It is essential to know that you are protected with any large purchase if something goes wrong or the product simply doesn’t work. Let’s take a glance at the satisfaction guarantees.


Candid will give a full refund for the impression kit if treatment isn’t possible, but other than that, if you proceed with the treatment, it is final. If you complete your treatment and still aren’t satisfied, they will provide you with free corrections until you are satisfied.

The “Byte-for-Life Guarantee”

Byte has a similar policy on returns and satisfaction, with the addition of their “byte For Life” guarantee. If your teeth move after your correction, they will send new aligners to correct the issue. As long as you follow your plan, byte will help you until you get results.


While both companies offer great products at an extraordinary price, byte has a slight edge over Candid. Byte is slightly more affordable with a more reasonable financing plan. It is quicker due to the HyperByte device, and they offer the “byte For Life” guarantee. Whatever teeth straightening method you choose, it is sure to enhance your life and give you the smile of your dreams.

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